About Us


We started 8 years ago with the mission to contribute significantly with our customers, employees and the community, with certain and sustainable investments. We provide our services to approximately 100 thousand tourists and this statistic comes apliando every day. Today, we operate in the areas of business, tour operators, destination management, tour guides, sales agency, aviation, accommodation in Turkey, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and the Netherlands, it all thanks our 14 branches and more than 200 employees working in 30 destinations. As a multinational company in the tourism sector, we seek continued growth with our employees. The Glorious DMC Travel and Tourism Operator International Şeref Tur Organizasyon Limited Şirketi, together, we want to increase our market share, thus following the positive global trends in the Tourism sector. Invest and give a meaning to the Turkish tourism, favoring our shareholders and also Turkey. We want to go further on this path with the same entrepreneurial spirit, a determined and resolute manner. The Glorious DMC Travel has become a multinational, due to our high quality standards employed in our work, therefore, reflected in all the activities we develop. All companies in the group, active in various branches of tourism, have Commitment, to sustainability in terms of human and environmental values. We incorporate this principle and sensitivity obtaining the ISO 9001 (Quality Management Standard Certificate) covering all our services provided by travel agencies in Turkey. Just as Şeref Tur Organizasyon Limited Şirketi, we will continue to offer high quality services in the tourism industry in the coming years, as our experience has proven, preserving our values and also creating value for our shareholders, our country and the world, thanks to our competence to act in our industry and our exceptional employees.


  We are a tourist segment multinational with experience in serving national and international organizations providing high standard quality services. We seek continuous growth with our employees and shareholders. We preserve our values and also create value for our partners and community. We are a family.


  The Glorious Dmc Travel is the only provider of comprehensive services in the tourism industry. The Glorious Dmc Travel along with Glorious MICE are your best travel partner in the way of success, offering excellence and quality services for your business activity. Meetings, Releases, Motivational trips, Annual meetings of evaluation and planning, Organization of National and International Exhibitions, Exclusive Organizations for groups, Corporate Commemorations; with us, everything is possible for your success ... We prepare national and international meetings successful in elegant and relevant sites for your purpose.


  Each new project is a new challenge that builds on the experience of our team. follow closely the evolution of the sector and improve our performance, makes our company a reference in the international market. GLOBAL SERVICES We provide our specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through creative and flexible solutions developed by our research and development department, we shape the future of the tourism sector.

Our Team



Chairman / President


Özgür Tilki

General Manager & Director of Istanbul Office


Mehmet Yıldız

Director Of Denizli Office


Erim Çovaç

Contract Manager


Canan Köse

Chief of Incoming Operations


Ebru Eroskay

Director Of Marketing & Sales


Engin Sözen

Head of Transportation Department


Hülya Urtekin

Chief of Outgoing Operations


Meltem Topuzoğulları

Finance Manager


Zeliha Sağır

Incoming Operations Executive


Engin Şahin

Incoming Operations Executive


Yasemin İnce

Outgoing Operations & Sales Executive


İpek Ayhan

Graphics Designer


Uğur Ablay

Purschasing Executive


Hakan Kocagökçe

Transportation Executive


Alev Gözel


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